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Friday, December 12, 2008

Man Cold

For the last week I have had a cold. It was annoying but then just part of life, so I get on with my day a little slower than before but the best I can. I get a bit of sympathy from my husband (when prompted) but I still get up at 6am to take him to work every morning.

Now he has the cold, and of course we all know Man Colds are far, FAR worse than anything a woman might get (!) This video just about sums it up for me!


  1. That was hilarious!!!!! Oh, my goodness what a good laugh. Thank you for starting my day off with this huge giggle!
    Happy weekend to you!
    ~Emily xx

  2. I didn't watch the video yet (because bf is near and he is the same way) I have a chronic cold and hardly get sympathy. but now he has got a cold and he is about to die if I must believe his whining;) And if I say I have that every day he just looks at me with a look ;)

  3. Hahahaha, my husband and I were watching this show last night. Too funny!

  4. What a shame - this is SUCH the truth! LMBO!!! Made my day!!

  5. Very funny! love that guy hes hilarious!

  6. Oh too funny! My husband isn't like that, but he's the opposite, the martyr, he has to work no matter what. Not sure which is worse.


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