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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happee Fangsgivings!

I have always wanted to be in the USA for Thanksgiving, just to see what it is like. From the TV shows it looks a lot like christmas in Europe: A big turkey, all the trimmings, family and friends for company. A good excuse to eat 3 helpings of everything and then collapse on the sofa and fall asleep: It's my kind of holiday!

One of the blog sites I go to a lot is icanhascheezburger.com a super cute site for anyone who likes animals and captions with silly spellings, it's always good for a giggle! So when I saw this picture I just had to add it to my blog to wish all my readers in the USA a very Happee Fangsgivings!


  1. *Giggle* Indeed always good for a laugh!

  2. Your impression of american thanksgiving is spot on-- right down to the "three helpings"! I feel the same about wanting to do Christmas in the UK. By the way, you mice are ADORABLE!!!


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